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Hi all, I know I haven't been active on here but that's due to my life being chaos.

I haven't had much time for art but... I want to make my life even more crazy by getting back into art.
I'm looking for advice when it comes to selling my work.

I want to sell things that I make / print myself. Package myself. Basically do everything myself. I want complete control. SO. Should I look into Storenvy or Etsy? Which of the two comes out on top? Which do you prefer?? Would you buy straight from my own website rather than a shop on Storenvy or Etsy??

Any and all input is greatly appreciated as I try to come back into the art world!
After four months of no tumblr I've started one up again.
I'm taking it slow and we will see how it goes!
I need people to follow so I'm checking out everybody's blogs!
- end -


I'm slowly starting to go through all my shit on here.
I won't be very active just yet but I'm going to find some sort of happy-medium!
Thank you to everyone who's still sticking around.

I no longer have a tumblr and am currently working out the kinks with my art blog, which I may delete too.
If you want to keep up with me or stay in contact, check out my two instagrams!

I have a lot to go through but I'm working on it!
I'll be around.

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic break / time off.
I let go of a lot of stress I was carrying by sleeping the whole weekend. Which was what I really needed.
I've been dealing with a lot of shit in my life, which I hate bringing over onto dA, and is why I disappeared from here.

Eventually I will find the time to start being active on here again, though now is not that time.
BUT I've been much more active on a few other accounts!
So I'd love to hear from you over there :)

Check me out on instagram or snapchat>>DanOddity
And I'm slowly getting more active on my tumblr  again.
Of course my facebook page is still around but like dA, it's kinda on hiatus.

I look forward to hearing from you again! And hope you all have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEARS. <3
Now that I'm getting more comfortable in my new schedule due to my new job...
I'm going to start streaming more often.
If you missed out or can't watch right now, just follow my page! You'll be updated the next time I go live-
Because I won't always post it here on Da.
Hello everyone!

I'm currently reworking my commission info / changing my prices. 

My full commission list & prices will be back, brand spanking new, eventually. I've been working on rather big projects and have a bunch of personal projects that need to be finished in the meantime.

If you have any questions, be sure to comment or note me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Just finished streaming my art for tonight. I NEED TO MAKE FOOD 'CAUSE I'M STARVING.
Anyway, I use this site called PicartoTV.
I HIGHLY recommend you guys check it out. It's fantastic and the best part is, IT'LL TELL YOU WHEN I GO ONLINE.

If you quickly make an account and follow me, any & every time I start a stream, you'll get a notification email.
It's really handy. So follow me in the link below!!…

Updates about streaming on my facebook!

Also if any of you stream on PicartoTv, send me your channel. I'll check you out. : )


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 10:53 PM

Quick hello!
Terribly sorry for not being very active on here...

Little note to everyone that has commissioned me:
I am planning to get caught up this weekend, as I made sure I'm free to work on stuff without interruption!! 
Yikes- I'm sorry, still trying to juggle life and find a way to fit art in.
I want art to be my life but it doesn't pay the bills.. at least not yet. 

If you miss my art, be sure to check out my artblog, as I post things there more often than here
Same goes with my facebook, which I plan to have daily updates started again this week!

:bulletblack: Facebook :bulletblack: Tumblr Blog :bulletblack:

I hope you are all having a lovely day!!
Hope all is well <3
Thanks a bunch for sticking around
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ 


Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 10:23 PM

Ahhh, Tsukino-Con was great this year, really!
First off, I didn't get my Valentines pic- done in time, so it'll have to be a LATE Valentines picture.


SecretAttire and I cosplayed our WIP versions of Reese and Cyrus from ACNL
I was amazed at how much support / love / photos / HUGS we got
Everyone complimented us and like - wow. Really felt the love this Valentines day.
We even won most adorable cosplay?!?!?!?
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Also I was called a cosplay inspiration...LIKEWHAT

I have a longer post on my personal tumblr.

Photo's are starting to pop up of our outfits, I'll probably be reblogging / posting some.
We literally had nothing planned, SO MY POSES ARE ALL AWKWARD AND UGHHH. Oh well.

Anyway, Tsukino-Con was fantastic this year. Hopefully next year I can get my Artist Table up and running.
I'll be thanking my new watchers soon and going through my deviations.

Thank you everyone at Tsukino-con, you were all super amazing n shit. Love seeing you all every year. <3


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 2:50 PM

So every Sunday I'm doing a new thing I like to call Sunday Share.
I have many wonderful supporters and I feel like I don't give enough thanks.
This is one small way I figured I could give thanks to my real supporters.
Every Sunday I choose one of my watchers and share their art / promote them.

You can find my Sunday Shares on my Facebook page

This is the second Sunday and it feels good!
Giving thanks to those who really deserve it.
I hope you all give them some love too!!

First part: Posted from my Stringsonabunny facebook page.

After a long, stressful process, I have decided that it would be my best intention to keep deviantART out of my professional line of work. 
I will be moving to a new facebook page. [linked below]
Reason being, my professional image deserves a page more than my personal image. [That's what my personal facebook is for in the first place]

As an artist, it is important to get my name out there, so of course I am now pushing Daniel Lyle Duncan out in the open, while using the artist handle; DanOddity. It's short, simple and better brands what my professional art is actually all about.

New Page link:

Please go support me there, as soon this page will no longer exist!

As an artist, it is important to get my name out there, so of course I am now pushing Daniel Lyle Duncan out in the open, while using the artist handle; DanOddity. It's short, simple and better brands what my professional art is actually all about.
New Page link:
Please go support me there, as soon this page will no longer exist!

Second Part;

It's really difficult parting with Stringsonabunny, but professionally it would bring on a lot of confusion and questions.
It's really annoying to explain to the industry what it means. //ugh

My commission work, is all under Stringsonabunny. This work is a special EXCLUSIVE offer to deviantART only as drawing your characters, my characters and all in between, is what I love to do as a hobby.

No, you all don't have to stop calling me Stringsonabunny. I am simply just updating you guys that Stringsonabunny is for personal work. Silly, NSFW things that I like to do. Reduced commission prices for your character art.

Stringsonabunny means a lot to me, as it is in honor of my brother... so it will never die. It is just difficult to re brand yourself / work. I need to push in a new direction if I want to get known for my work. My business life won't come into here, but you are all welcome to come into my professional life!

As long as you bring love and support of course. Professional love. 

Thank you all for reading! 
Hello everyone!! How are you all doing?? 
I'm working on being more active with my other media's... so I'm just here to update you on two links!

My previous blog made for my comic process is also now my ART BLOG. If you're interested in seeing work I don't post here, please go follow this page: intuneric-circ-official.tumblr…

Also for those of you who are subscribed to my old youtube channel, I plan to be posting my new videos on another channel. Please subscribe to this new channel if you're interested in my videos!… 
A lot of people get annoyed when Artists ask for emergency commission money.
Sometimes it's because the emergency isn't real and people get scammed.
But for us who really do rely on you guys to help us out, that isn't fair.

Either way, I'm doing the cliche thing and reminding you guys that my commissions are open.
I don't want to go crazy and say I need emergency money.. I just need work to do. I WANT to work for you guys.

Long story short, I lack funds. Greatly. It would be amazing if I could work up some sort of safety zone / money cushion. 
I currently don't even have internet until HOPEFULLY Saturday. For time time being my landlord is letting us use some of his. //ugh

My commissions have a deal where if you spend $40 on a single order, you'll get a chibi worth $20 for free!
Commission Prices, NEW SPECIAL by StringsOnABunny

Reminder, if you don't want to buy a commission but you are willing to help spread my link around, that would be fantastic.
Thank you all for being amazing watchers!!

Also if you have any spare points you don't need, I have a donation set up on my page so I can get another month of premium!

ALSO, a good friend of mine is in the same situation as me. If you want to commission someone who has amazing cheap sales, please check out Styl-Fly
 <da:thumb id="480061566"/>


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 1:28 PM

Hey everyone! 
Im looking into creating a new little show for my youtube channel.
or to just try something in general.

I'm here asking for your opinion / ideas.
I am looking for topics to talk about, or topics to draw.
i need themes
Things to draw in general
questions that could be answered through drawings

if I choose your comment, obviously I'll give you a shout out.

help would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks to this butt Queenlugia I have premium for another month, UGHH THANKS YOU///
--End Edit--

Came back from work, logged on to DA and was like, WHAT THE FCKK HAPPENED TO MY PAGE
Realized my premium ran out.
Ahh, bye bye pretty page.

Anyway, making this to tell you guys that I am not dead..
I'm alive! I'm working on four of higher quality / bigger monster girl adopts. So far I have 2 / 4 done.
Then I'm going to do some cheaper chibi adopts.
..Don't know what of yet though..


Next one is at 100,000!! 


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 1:20 AM

I AM...
But really.
Slow down.
I'm not drawing it yet.
Previously in the past I mentioned I would begin to draw it once I finished college.
Now being done college, many things have changed.
The story its self has been rewritten MANY times, and last year I decided to completely rewrite it again.
This never actually happened, I only wrote down ideas.
Now that I am greatly inspired, DONE college, and determied... I am STARTING THE PROCESS.

Yes, this will obviously take me a super long time... but I will be making updates and taking questions / input on it! 
If you want to see anything I post about the webcomic's process, you can follow its tumblr here: intuneric-circ-official.tumblr…

I will not be spamming this website with my webcomic thangs.
Please just bare with the plain boring tumblr page until I can go in and actually make it all nice and purdy.

Sorry for my absence!

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 9:18 PM

I am sorry, please forgive my lack of activeness on the site / drawing in general.
I'm getting adjusted to work and we're currently on crunch time since the movie is due to come out in a month.
So basically I'll be having long days / nights at work.
We don't use internet, so I can't check messages till I get home.
Which means I haven't really had the energy to art. ;-;
Staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day doesn't exactly make you want to stare at one for even more work now does it. x'D
Hopefully I'll figure out a good time that works for me to get art done! 
I have a lot still to do.
Sorry again. 


Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 12:45 PM

In celebration of hitting 3000+ watchers here on deviantart, I am having a giveaway on tumblr.
Like and reblog this post: grandmasterofoddities.tumblr.c…
In order to give yourself the chance to win a drawing of your wishes!
The entering goes until May 26th, 2014! 
You can reblog as many times as you like to enter, yes, it'll give you more chances to win.
Only TWO people will be chosen!

Thank you everyone for the support. Seriously. <3


Please Read Everything
I know it may look like a lot but it is all very important

Coming soon. 

:bulletblack: Send your order in a NOTE not a comment.
:bulletblack: I must have PAYPAL payment before I start your commission.
:bulletblack: All paypal payments must be converted into CAD.
:bulletblack: Do not send me POINTS until I give you the link to purchase.
:bulletblack: NO TOUCH UPS. When a commission is complete I will not touch it again unless it is nessecary.
:bulletblack: If you are using my commission to make you money in any way, I need to know because I have to raise my prices. It's only fair.

:bulletblack: My industry work comes before your commission. My career is my first priority.
:bulletblack: I can cancel or not accept a commission if I feel I can not do it well enough.
:bulletblack: Freedom. Do not come at me with a list of rules. Give me at least SOME artistic freedom.
:bulletblack: Time. I have the right to be given the time I need to do the best I can on your commission. 
Pestering me will result in work with less effort.

:bulletblack: If I cancel an order or you change your mind before I start, you WILL get a refund.
:bulletblack: You have the right to know how your commission is going. You may keep in touch with me if you like, just don't rush me.
:bulletblack: You get art that YOU want. Do tell me everything you want done so that I don't mess up. Just don't be to strict as in "Her arm has to face THIS way, ect." 

WILL DO // Strengths
:bulletgreen: Gore / Nudity.
:bulletgreen: Creepy / strange / odd.
:bulletgreen: Circus and or Carnival themes.
:bulletgreen: Humans or animals/creatures. Anthro if you wish. 
:bulletgreen:  Origional Characters, My Characters, Fan Characters, ect.

WON'T DO // Not Good At
:bulletred: Realistic Art.
:bulletred: Architechture.
:bulletred: Homestuck
:bulletred: Mecha / Full Body Armor.

:bulletblack: Depending on what you order, my time process will vary. Although I work roughly 4 - 8+ hours on most drawings.
:bulletblack: I will post your commission on dA unless you directly tell me not to before hand. Either way I will send you an email with your commission at full size.
:bulletblack: All of my commissions will be done at or above 300ppi, which is very good printing quality. If you have a specific size of file that you want, please notify me before hand. 
:bulletblack: If you inform me ahead of time that you wish to use this as a print, I will send you a BMP file which is better for large file size printing. Otherwise my files will be sent as PNG.

:bulletblack: You may repost your commission in your own gallery or anywhere else as long as credit to me is given. (I do not watermark my commissions so credit is loved.)
:bulletblack: If it is a lineart you ordered, you, yourself or somebody else may colour it. Again as long as I have been given credit for my lineart.
:bulletblack: I'd like it if you were to not alter the commission. I worked hard on it and to see it get changed is a good punch to the face.
:bulletblack: You may print your commission or really do anything you like with it. JUST DON'T RESELL IT BECAUSE IT IS MINE.

:bulletblack: You must NOTE or EMAIL me with the order form below, completely filled out. I will not accept comments. 
:bulletblack: Do NOT send me money until we have discussed your commission and I give you the OKAY.
:bulletblack: Make sure you have read EVERYTHING above to ensure that you have not missed any important details.
:bulletblack: If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or ask right when you note me.

Please fill out all that you can, if you don't know about something be sure to ask.

*Email: Where I send the full size commission to when it's complete.
*Payment Style: Paypal or Points
PayPal Email: So I know who you are. 
*Commission Style: Sketch, Shaded, Chibi, Icon
*Type:  Bust, Thigh, Full, Other?
*# Of Characters: 1, 2, 3, ect.
Characters Name(s): Billy, Bob, Joe
*Reference Pictures: 
                Character 1: 
                Character 2:
*Background: Transparent, One Colour, Gradient, Texture/Fun, Detailed
Additional Information: Here is where you put all the information about the commission that you want me to know/do. 

This order form will be responded with a detailed $ Total of your commission so you can confirm or deny.

If you are interested in something other than what I have listed, we can talk about a custom commission. 


That equals 100 points per 1$

Additional Characters in a piece are half price.
For more info on that keep reading.

Here are the prices.
Commission Prices, NEW SPECIAL by StringsOnABunny

Bust: $10
Waist: $12
Full Body: $15
Not including Background.
Normally coloured in flat colours with some shading here and there.
Average Time: One Day

Bust: $10
Waist: $15
Full Body: $20
Given to you as a png with no background, transparent.
Average Time: Two Days

Flat Colour
Bust: $20
Waist: $25
Full Body: $30
Not including Background
Done with flats and gradients.
Average time: Two days.

Bust: $30
Waist: $35
Full Body: $40
Not including Background.
Average time: Usually takes three to four days depending on complexity

$20 Not Including Background.
I have multiple Chibi styles, so if you prefer a certain style, please tell me in the Additional Info.
Average Time: One to Two days.

Painting Illustration
Put your idea and or character in my hands and I will paint away!
This includes a background, so don't worry about it.
Average time: Three to Four Days.

Character Design
Comes with one full body, shaded drawing and your choice of reference sheet.

Reference Sheets
You may also purchase reference sheets on their own, for a character of your own that is already made.

1) Turn Around: $50
Front, Back, Sides, full body of your character.

2) Detailed: $60
A detailed reference sheet of your character, example:

3) Expression Sheet
Comes with four expressions of your choice, fully coloured head shots. +$5 for each extra expression.

Outfit Design
$25 and up
A bunch of WIPS will be made, and we'll work together to make at least two versions of an awesome outfit.

Tattoo Design
$30 and up

Custom Designs
$25 and up
Anything you want! Let's work it out!

Icons (These are currently on hold, you can NOT order one. Sorry!!)
Easy and fast. Made at 400x400 or 700x700 depending on what it's for. Usually better for places like tumblr. Mainly a bust up or head shot.

Transparent = FREE

Simple = FREE
One colour or a simple gadient

Texture / Fun = $5
Textured background, or maybe something funky like splatters or checkers.

Detailed = $10 - $15
A detailed piece that works with the illustration.

Now if you don't know what you want for a BG, then just tell me so. I'll make one up and it'll end up just being something simple and free. <3

:bulletblack: For more of my art / examples be sure to check out my gallery! :bulletblack:

Point Commissions 
When you send in your order form I will send you back a total converted into points so you don't have to do all the math yourself.
When you order with points you pay through DeviantArt by purchasing a pay it here deviation that I will link you to. 
It's very simple, don't worry.
100 Points per $1

PayPal commissions come before point commissions because I'm receiving the money before hand.

Commissions may be posted on my Weasyl account where I post commissions only. So more commission examples are here on my Weasyl;…

Current Commission Slots

:bulletblack: 1) -closed-
:bulletblack: 2) -closed-
:bulletblack: 3) -closed-
:bulletblack: 4) -closed-
:bulletblack: 5) -closed-

If all slots are full, either keep and eye out, I update all the time.
Or you can ask me to message you personally when a slot becomes available.

Thank you for reading!! <3


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 18, 2014, 8:25 PM

Oh hai.
It's y'know, been a LONG ASS MOTHER FUCKIN TIME.

How are you all?
I'm so sorry i've been absent. 
School is really crazy right now, I have about a week and a half left, and I still don't think I'm going to make it in time for our art show.
I've been at the school every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY. 
It's really scary, but that's what needs to be done. ;-;

Around the start of next month, I plan to start up commissions, with slightly higher prices.
I just need, legit money, but compared to the actual industry, I'm still cheap as hell. 

So if you want art from me, save some money or points up! I'll be opening again soon. :))

Also, I caved and finally got a 3DS with animal crossing new leaf.
I'm addicted.
Like wow. 
Fucking friends got me into it.
For years I said no.
But here I am.
Shut up.

Also- I'm not ignoring anyone.
I haven't had time to check on dA or Youtube, or anything.
Just tumblr every now and then.
I'm working on it. ;-;

Happy Holidays! I have New Years updates.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 28, 2013, 1:55 PM

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the lack of holiday cheer.
I am at my parents which has slow internet and no cellphone service.
(Out in the country)

I hope you all had a happy holiday! I wish you all an amazing 2014.
What was your favourite thing that happened??

Mine would be the fact that my girlfriend came to enjoy my holiday with me!

Now, stay tuned for 2014!
I am revamping my commissions, and I will be working hard on some prints.
I will have an art table at Tsukino-kon 2014, in February.
So I have a lot of work to do.

I also have three more months until graduation, so please be patient, especially people whom I owe art too.
I need to get my prints done first so I can make some money before I work on the rest.
I will be sure to finish everything before I start up my commissions!
But everything may be on hold until after I graduate, boo.

Either way, it wish you all the best. I send my love and good wishes!